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17th October 2019 – Push to classify the Gold Coast as regional:

The Gold Coast is seeking to be reclassified as a regional area to benefit from the new visas and incentives to be introduced next month, an incentive which is seeing international students prefer cities such as Adelaide (currently regional), the change aiming to capture the international student market more competitively. SBS reports:

12th September 2019 – Immigration Success – Half of top 50 Australian CEO’s were born overseas:

The Apollo Communications Australian Top 50 CEO Report is in (see full report here), and shows that 24 of those top 50 CEO’s were born overseas, showing just how valuable immigration is to Australia. Top countries were UK (9), US (4), and South Africa (3). Read a summary from Yahoo Finance here:

19th June 2019 – Accountants with 90 points is less than 20 waiting for 189 Visa invitation:

A Freedom of Information request (FOI) to the Department of Home Affairs by a peer back in late May yielded results that are not surprising as to how tough it is for Accountants to achieve points for the 189 Skilled Independent Visa, yet that numbers tell truth of just how hard it is.

You can see the request here and the results here.

To summarise, Accountant (a pro-rate occupation code, 2211) within a 2 month window had the following submitted waiting for an invitation:

80 Points = 4,222 primary applicants

85 Points = 682 primary applicants

90 Points = 19 primary applicants

95 Points = Less than 5 primary applicants.

As you can see from the results in the link, the submitted EOI’s awaiting invitation for Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers is bleak too.

The silver lining if you are in this situation; at least you know you are not alone!

33% Australia’s average turnover rate – Mental health and burnout an alarming cause of staff retention issues:

Recruitment firm Hays surveyed 1600 professionals and found 40% of Australian’s plan to leave their job within the next 12 months. Research and Advisory firm Gartner can back this up, with their Q1 2019 survey of 1909 Australian professions found that only 30% of respondents had a high intention of staying in their current job. Lack of training/development and challenge along with burnout the major causes. Read more:

20% of all Fair Work Ombudsmen cases in 2017-2018 involved visa holders – the alarming exploitation stat:

SBS World News reports that 20 per cent of all cases dealt with by the Fair Work Ombudsmen between 2017-18 involved workers who were visa holders. The Fair Work Ombudsmen said workers shouldn’t be afraid of losing their visa when seeking assistance. Check it out:

Priority Processing $1000 AUD:

Available for Tourist Visas and Visitor Visas for certain passport holders, the Department will happily look at your application within 2 business days if you splash the cash. A great incentive, and took everyone by suprise when the Immigration Department had their website closed for relaunch over the weekend and then included this service without announcement on Monday 12th Nov. A fantastic option for those willing and able. Check it out:

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