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29th Nov 2018 – Importance of updating paperwork over long timelines:

I’m finding a lot of applicants pending AAT hearings are unhappy with their agent due to lack of attention until the hearing arrives. Recently I had a client who lodged his subclass 457 in 2015, his hearing date arriving a few months ago, and upon my recommendation we were able to submit to the Member why the role is still genuine, what the current salary is in today’s conditions, the updated organisation chart, etc. The paperwork was so successful, the tribunal remitted the case without the need for hearing and his visa was granted last week (possibly one of the final ever 457 grants).


Similar this week, I have a new client for a subclass 186TRT nomination refusal (lodged in 2016) with the hearing date arriving any day now, and I am glad she is accepting my advice of updating the tribunal with the continual need for the role, the salary in today’s conditions, updated financials, organisation structure, etc.


However, you shouldn’t wait to the last moment to have everything prepared. The longest outstanding immigration application I have is from November 2016 (2 years now), a Direct Entry 187 RSMS nomination and visa and I am ensuring that every 6 months I update the file with the latest organisation chart, latest financials (X2 most recent BAS), short support letter from accountant, short support letter from the business, and if there have been any changes in the salary. Perhaps a salary of base $58,000 was suitable 2 years ago, but may have increased to $60,000 now, 24 months on. Case Officers don’t have to ask for updated information, they can just refuse, so be proactive and request the information before it’s asked.


When processing times on your application are lengthy, don’t wait for the case officer to refuse your case and then you have to spend more time and money on a tribunal hearing. Provide your agent periodically with updated documents so that they can upload them to your file. It is minimum time to update the application file, but maximum time (and potentially heartache in the end) to fight a refusal, let alone the added avoidable costs.

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