How To Know When A Migration Law Change Is Coming

How To Know When A Migration Law Change Is Coming



While on topic of the Department website, their news section is where you should be spending your time reading on changes, and the link can he found here. By all means you will initially hear of changes from elsewhere like social media or from a friend, however you should refer to the Department website in every instance, only then reading other publications if you seek further interpretation or understanding. Your visa is important so when in doubt, seek professional advice as it will be tailored to your unique circumstances. I offer a free initial 15 minute consultation, and can be arranged pretty quickly over the phone if you need an answer in a hurry, so no need to risk it. You can get in contact here.



Only in limited instances will a proposed migration law change be applicable to your own circumstances. If you are getting no solid answer on ‘when’ a change might occur, then try best interpret yourself when it might occur. The essence of what the change is for is a big indicator. For example, there is a push to have migrants more prominent in regional areas, but this isn’t something that would change overnight at great urgency (the changes from my December blog are now proposed for 16th November 2019, a year since initial discussion).

If it’s a question of ‘when’ and not ‘if’, then if you have what you need to lodge then don’t get caught short because of time.


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