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Worldly Education

Worldly Education provides meaningful and engaging online English classes to high school students and professionals all around the world looking to increase their conversational English with Aussies.

Chris Renwick

Chris Renwick – Program Manager

Chris holds a Bachelor of Commerce/Arts, majoring in Information Systems and Chinese. He was previously a Registered Migration Agent and has completed the Graduate Certificate of Migration Law. He has has a knack for identifying the clients that Worldly Migration and Worldly Education can assist. Prior to joining Worldly, Chris taught English and IELTS in China and has an equal amount of passion for helping others live, work, and study in Australia.



Ann – Thailand Country Manager

Now again residing in her home country of Thailand, Ann completed her Master degree of International Development Studies at The University of Melbourne where she loved life as an international student in one of the world’s most livable cities. Now maintaining her connection to Australia, Ann is the Thailand Country Manager for the Worldly brand. She has a passion for helping people and wanting others to live their best life possible and this is exactly why she is the perfect fit for both Worldly Migration and Worldly Education.





IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, and is recognised by more than 10,000 universities and employers in many countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. It is also recognised by professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government agencies. More than 3.5 million tests were delivered in 2018.


Looking to book IELTS? Booking through Worldly Migration gives you X1 free voucher for Reading and Writing Assistance, in addition to the below standard inclusions:


  • IELTS Support Tools
  • IELTS Reading and Writing Assist (1 x free voucher code per paid booking)
  • IELTS Progress Check
  • One-on-one Coaching (Speaking and Writing)
  • Free practice tests to download
  • IELTS Advantage
  • IELTS Test Tip Videos
  • IELTS Masterclass (once a month at IDP Test Centre)


Test takers can book in and receive their preparation pack at this link here.


The Evolution of the internship sector creating lasting professional skills
We strive to be different and separate ourselves from other internship placement agencies in Australia. Our skills and knowledge in the recruitment arena come from decades of successful placement solutions, years of experience and a real desire to change the landscape for candidates seeking industry exposure in a challenging market.
Registering with the ACCEPTme platform offers candidates access to a community of like-minded individuals seeking to enhance their careers via structured internship projects, as well as host companies committed to youth development and professional growth.

Internships can be completed remotely, therefore allowing access to ‘big-city thinking’ for those in remote regions or in person onsite with the host organisation. Structured weekly content and a resource library ensure successful completion and engaging communication with industry mentors and company leaders.


Click below to find out more.


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MEM at Work Robert

Robert Tichelaar – Mem at Work

For some people, 2020 has been a struggle, where getting your mindset in order is key.


Evan fully recommends Mem at work, a part of the Mace Energy Method and Causism institute, a non-invasive and non self disclosure therapy method that can put you back in charge of your own life to live your own dreams.


This suitable for:

  • Individuals, by using a simple procedure, that addresses the unwanted feelings of a person’s life for example – Anger or Sadness, that causes Depression, Anxiety and fear, addictions and phobias by finding the cause of the upset which is called the trigger. You are then guided in eliminating the upset, relieving you of the emotional burdens, and allowing you to feel more confident in everyday life.
  • For Workplaces, whether you are the Boss running the business, or your part of the staff trying to reach the deadlines assigned to you. We can all get into situations of fear which can present itself either from an upset caused from home or at work, leading to the stresses of what has happened to us in the past that are still affecting us today via a trigger/upset and then having to deal with the Anxiety of what could happen in the future. Mem at work can help you all by removing the Tigger/upset attached to any event in your life, giving you all the ability to work together with a clear head of what needs to be achieved in order to grow Any Business.

A Mem at work session is facilitated either online, by the phone or a face to face. Making you feel safe and without the need to discuss the problem.



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