The best way to get PR = Decisiveness

The best way to get PR = Decisiveness

Those who are decisive will be working on their English all throughout their journey in Australia, especially between semesters of study, with the best applicants I’ve seen having done coaching and testing during their studies. Yes, their results may expire, but they do this so that towards the end they just have to do a refresher and another test knowing they are competent to get their desired score and not having to worry about the result. Think of it like doing a practice run. Put the hard work in early, given you will be practicing your English skills every day naturally anyway. WORK EXPERIENCE: One of the most heartbreaking consultations I can have are the ones where the temporary resident has the maximum points achieved throughout all possible areas except Australian work experience, coming to me asking for help to get “12 months of experience” when their visa “expires in 11 months”. I feel for these applicants, because they have 11 months in which there is nothing they can do to achieve 12 months experience. While you are studying, ensure you gain some practical work experience, often called an ‘Internship’ or ‘Industry Placement’. I originally worked in this field helping international students gain their dream job (hence my career progression into migration law), and if you get in contact I would be more than happy to refer you on to the best providers in the industry suitable to your needs. Not only is work experience a natural progression to your studies, but most universities are now making work experience a compulsory unit of their courses, meaning that you are already less competitive to the thousands of graduates unless you act early as I suggest. The best way to gain post-qualification work experience is having done an awesome job as a student in a local Australian business. So what do you think? Do you need to rush out and lock in a session with an English language coach ASAP? Or perhaps you want to email me a copy of your CV asking if I know of any work experience roles for you? Regardless your next steps, I hope this blog reaches you in time as you strive to maximise your points for your pathway to permanent residency. Worldly Migration has meeting spaces across Melbourne CBD, Ringwood, Dandenong and Lilydale, and travels to employer client locations across all of metropolitan and regional Victoria. Services are available to all migrants world-wide. Contact Us to discuss your options.
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